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So you've already heard of the Venus Factor, and you are no doubt wondering how it works!

Well, I'm here to tell you all about it, and the good news is that having studied it in great detail, I find I can truly recommended The Venus Factor as the one and only program on the Internet which genuinely stands out as an opportunity for women to lose weight quickly, perhaps losing as much as 12 pounds in 10 weeks. See it here.


Iíve already explained how the Adonis Golden Ratio is a revolutionary diet program for men, which offers the prospect of effective weight loss and a better body, more muscular and lean.

What I havenít told you, perhaps, is that itís based on sound psychological principles.

For example, if you look at the question of motivation in dieting, thereís an interesting study reported from a few years back, which demonstrates beyond question that social support is a critical factor in achieving weight loss goals.

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The Law Of Attraction and Weight Loss

What I actually mean by this is that with enough emotion, and provided that you can fulfil the spiritual conditions that the law of the universe lays down, then the reality is that we can all create whatever it is that we desire to be in our lives, including good health and a shapely body.

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Videos by Joseph Mercola about how to maintain good health.

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High Intensity Exercise

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Ways To Lose Weight Fast!


You might be a little bit cynical about dieting, if youíve tried to diet in the past!

But the interesting thing is that dieting can work, provided you have the right criteria. Before we go into those, I want to say a few words about why dieting might be a good idea.

If you look at the photographs below, which of these two men is more or less likely to be rejected by the woman that he approaches the day?

Now of course thatís rather extreme example, but nonetheless there is truth in it. The fact is that men who are attractive in physical appearance are more likely to get dates, more likely to be in a relationship, and more likely to be the subject of interest from women than men who are fat or obese.

The golden ratio made Adonis what he was.

Now if this matters to you, then obviously youíre going to want to do something about it. You donít have to look like the Greek god Adonis, but it always helps!

Adonis is the name of the Greek god of beauty, and his name has been transferred to a program of weight loss and diet for men called the Adonis Golden Ratio. Click here to find out more!

If youíre wondering what the golden ratio is, itís a mathematical relationship between two parts of a whole that is said to give the most aesthetic appearance.

In the case of the human body, the golden ratio applies to the overall length of body related to the torso length, and the overall circumference of the shoulders related to the circumference of the waist.

 When these  four parts of the body are in proportion to the golden ratio, it said that the body is the most aesthetically pleasing possible.

Now you may be wondering how on earth itís possible to change body shapes so dramatically to fit an aesthetic ideal.

Man who has lost weight with the Adonis Golden Ratio.
Yet actually that isnít quite what happens here.

The Adonis Golden Ratio is more about bringing out the ideal proportions of your individual body size rather than building a huge body, or going from massive weightlifting achievement or huge dietary achievement.

In other words, youíre seeking to bring out the best possible representation of your body, regardless of its shape or size.

John Barban, who wrote the Adonis golden ratio says that everybody has a body which is capable of achieving something very close to the golden ratio, and that this is disguised under obesity or lack of muscular development.

So youíll see the immediately that this is no ordinary diet plan or weight loss plan from men ó itís a holistic program of development of body and mind.




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Easy as clicking on your Internet. Keyboard, that is.

Comes by way of a guy called Mike Fiore, self appointed relationship counselor and general guru of all good things.

He thinks you can get her back by texting her. Is he right? Who knows? Maybe you're going to try and find out for yourself.

But if you're going to do that, you need the right approach.

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This is about making up. For all the things you did, and for all the things you didn't do.

Yeah, I hear you say, but by texting? Are you crazy?

Well maybe not so crazy as you might think.

You see, the thing is, lots of people text all the time.

We all know about texting in relationships -- it's how we keep in contact. And that's exactly what makes this approach possible: a way of keeping in contact with your ex through SMS messages.

SMS messages are short, to the point, and you can't screw things up by saying too much.

Well - come to think of it, maybe you can if you keep tapping away for ages on your keypad, but let's assume you're not going to screw things up. Let's assume this is going to go great.

So buy this program -- like a good guy should, because you want your ex girlfriend back. You want to make up with your ex-girlfriend.

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Have you changed man? Can you change? You want to change?

Well that depends on how much you want her back, I guess.

Assuming you do want her back then ripple your fingers through the e-book from Mike Fiore (you did buy it, right?), and turn to module 6.

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So if you're a girl who's ended with her ex-boyfriend, and you want him back, then Text Your Ex Back is probably able to work just as fine for you as it will for him. Click here to see it.

So module six -- what he's got here are what he calls "Across The Bow Texts". OK, OK, I hear you say WTF?

But the truth is you need to read this module carefully, because this is the first contact you make with your ex-partner, and it's the contact that will set the tone for what you say to her/him afterwards. The rest of your lives, maybe if the plan works out in the way you hope....

Oh yes, you did say you wanted her back - for good?

Yep, thought so. Listen up then. The first text you send is going to be the one that sets the tone of your conversations in the future. And what Mike Fiore tells you to do here is to gear up. To GEAR -- in other words, gently establish affirmative rapport.

My, my, Lordy, Lordy. Now if that doesn't sound like jargon, nothing does.

What does he mean by it?

Fortunately, his MP3s, his videos, and his e-book are all on hand to make it perfectly clear what he means. The key to a good text, he says, "Is to give the impression that you just happen to be inspired to connect with your ex. I mean you're not going to tell her that you've been preparing for this weeks. And why is this important? It's because you can't start any communication by saying 'let's get back together'. It's too threatening."

So you're set up to take things gradually -- step-by-step.

And in module seven, you go on building rapport. We all want the warm feeling of rapport from a partner -- it's completely natural. Why would you not want to?

And to get that particular feeling from somebody you've just broken up with, you'll have to start a slow burning fire of passion.

It's a good approach to focus on the positive things that you remember from your relationship. The things that made your heart warm, your heart open.

You can find the following on my website, which you can get if you click here.

Hereís an example of a ďbest of the relationshipĒ text from Sarah to her ex-boyfriend: ďHey, really quick, can you remind me of the name of that restaurant we went to on your 30th birthday?Ē

Now, do you see why thatís so powerful at building rapport?

No? Are you kidding me? You might find that improving your emotional intelligence helps! Maybe really do need this program!

The cool thing about the ďCan you remind meĒ setup is that it draws your ex in and gets them actively engaged in the memory.

Text Your Ex Back is the premier program for texting your ex back now, since TEXT YOUR EX BACK provides loads of SMS formatted messages to text your ex Ė though you can think up your own, too! That means you can easily go away and work your magic with a top-secret, sneaky text thatís very powerful indeed.


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